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In our webpage ( we offer the high quality HEBO products. We have made up the goods left on hand of the HEBO factory and the Hungarian importer. We hope you will find some products that will appeal to you.



The steps of purchasing


1. You choose the article number of the product that you are going to buy (the article numbers are next to the items), if there is possibility to choose a size, than you have to mark it also. After you marked the article number and the size of the product you have to send these datas to our e-mail address: or


2.When we receive this e-mail with the information we send to you an answer with the postage and the expected delivery date.


3. If you accept the postage and the delivery date than you should send this acception to us by e-mail, after we receive this e-mail we send the shipment by DHL to the address that you give us.